Tuesday, 17 May 2016

65. In the forest

I like forests, especially in the mountains,
but  I know there are places where forests are equally beautiful.

This forest grows on the sea coast 
and the sea is visible in the distance behind the trees.

Often in the forest you will notice something particular, 

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

64. Philip, a handmade natural boy-doll

The weather has looked promising this morning. The sun was beginnig to shine more and more through the clouds that covered the sky before. Soon only few cloudlets were floating far on the horizon. It's going to be a lovely day, I thought,

... when suddenly I realised there was no Philip in the room. You know, Philip - my new doll. He was neither in his bed nor on the table where he used to sit; he was not even on the sill of the window he looked through so often. His new pillow disappeared too, I noticed.

H'm, there was still that fabric lying on the table I sewed Philip's pillow from.
I looked and saw some funny foxes playing in the dark forest that formed the pattern of the fabric. Quite a nice and fairy-tale scene that appealed to Philip, I remembered suddenly, 
so much. He seemed enchanted. I took a second look at the foxes, and believe me or not, they looked at me with interest.

Did he walk to the forest?
And indeed I found Philip in the forest. I saw him lurking under a big tree.

Monday, 4 April 2016

63. Between Międzyzdroje and Kamień Pomorski. An admirable countryside

I live in Poland. As it happens for the past few years I have been living in two places, in Wrocław or in Międzyzdroje. While Wrocław is a big city in the west of Poland, Międzyzdroje seems completely different as it is a very small town on the Baltic sea 
in the Western Pomerania. 

When I am in Międzyzdroje I often drive to Kamień Pomorski and usually take a shorter route along the Baltic coastline, not a longer one via Wolin.

Just outside Wisełka (which means Little River) - the first village on my way - you will see 
a tiny lake  Zatorek.  

Look! What a charming forest lakelet!

Thursday, 31 March 2016

62. Playing with a ball

This is Philip who you already know - my new Waldorf boy doll.

Today Philip was ready to go outdoors early in the morning. 
He had his woolen hat on and even started putting on his cardigan 
when we both noticed looking at the window panes that they were getting wet with rain.

"No, that's awful. It's raining again.", sighed Philip.

Resigned he turned away from the window 
and quickly took down the hat from his head.

Friday, 18 March 2016

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

58. New dolls' heads and LNG tanker

I can see new dolls' heads on my working table...
I needn't say how glad I am about it. 

And when I look through the window it is rainy, windy and autumny,
with a very high, as for this time of the year, temperature of ten degrees Centigrade...

We are waiting for the real winter like this in the picture below.
Have a look.

Carl Larsson's "Home, Family and Farm"

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