Wednesday, 27 April 2016

64. What has happened to Philip

The weather has looked promising this morning. The sun was beginnig to shine more and more through the clouds that covered the sky before. Soon only few cloudlets were floating far on the horizon. It's going to be a lovely day, I thought,

... when suddenly I realised there was no Philip in the room. You know, Philip - my new doll. He was neither in his bed nor on the table where he used to sit; he was not even on the sill of the window he looked through so often. His new pillow disappeared too, I noticed.

H'm, there was still that fabric lying on the table I sewed Philip's pillow from.
I looked and saw some funny foxes playing in the dark forest that formed the pattern of the fabric. Quite a nice and fairy-tale scene that appealed to Philip, I remembered suddenly, 
so much. The foxes in the fabric looked at me curiously...

Is it possible that he walked to the forest himself?
And indeed I found Philip in the forest. I saw him lurking under a big tree.

First he looked for the foxes, said Philip later, but soon he got tired.
You were lucky, you might have met boars seeking food in this place.

Philip is a Waldorf  style boy-doll entirely handmade by me. 
He is 36 cm tall (14 inches).

He is all made from natural high quality materials:a special Swiss cotton jersey designed for dollmakers, clean washed natural sheepswool, embroidered threads and wool.
His clothes are sewn or handknit by me using natural good quality materials: cotton, velvet and wool.

I knew Philip liked sleeping so I made him a cotton pyjama: 
a blouse in a fox pattern (foxes again!)  and matching light-blue trousers 
sewn from cotton jersey.

He usually puts on a grey cotton T-shirt and dark-blue velvet trousers. 
The T-shirt is easy to put on since it is cut at the back and has snap fasteners 
with wood buttons.
I sewed on a big pocket on his trousers for collecting treasures like shells, pebbles, 
different strings and other things Philip would hopefully find on his walks.
Obviously he possesses colourful knickers sewn from cotton jersey and short socks.

Philip's shoes are sewn from navy wool. They have a lemon linen and shoe-laces of the same colour. The laces are long enough to make it easy to tie them. I stitched down a button on each shoe to easily distinguish the right shoe from the left one (a good exercise for a child playing with a doll, isn't it?). They are very comfortable, says Philip.

When it is cold Philip puts on a wool cardigan, a hat and a neckerchief 
to protect from wind or just for fun.

In the end I must mention that Philip has also got a woolen ball to play with and this famous pillow which caused him to walk to the forest and look for the foxes at night.


This wee boy is looking for a family.

If you would like to adopt him, he is available here on my blog.
Philip is suitable for children aged four or older.

If you need more information please contact me at
I will be happy to answer your questions.

You will also find more photos and information about Philip here.


Thank you for dropping by.
Have a pleasant day.

Thursday, 31 March 2016

60. Playing with a ball

This is Philip who you already know - my new Waldorf boy doll.

Today Philip was ready to go outdoors early in the morning. 
He had his woolen hat on and even started putting on his cardigan 
when we both noticed looking at the window panes that they were getting wet with rain.

"No, that's awful. It's raining again.", sighed Philip.

Resigned he turned away from the window and quickly took down the hat from his head.

Don't worry, said I, You can play here at home.
And I showed him something: Look, what lovely blocks they are.
I said that but I too remembered that we planned to go for a big stroll to the lake.

Too bad, I heard him muttered.

Well, maybe..., I thought looking at Philip's tee-shirt, 
...I might make him a ball.

Ans after some time a colourful little ball lay close 
to the blocks Philip was playing with.

He caught the ball and looked thrilled to try to throw it into the air.

Philip did not worry any more. He was pleased  throwing and catching the ball 
and he even tried to kick the ball. Oh...

What a great play, he repeated.

Finally he sat to have a rest.
(Dolls are sometimes tired too.)

Thanks for dropping by.
I hope you have a lovely week!


Philip will be looking for a home soon, so stay tuned.

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