Waldorf doll care Tutorial


Waldorf dolls are washable, but it must be done carefully.

In general, the doll should be taken care of with attention, but it is a doll to be played with, and it often becomes soiled from play. Washing and repairing Waldorf dolls is quite natural. The best thing is to remove marks or stains shortly after they appear. (as with all wollen clothes). Here is the detailed instruction.

If the doll is slightly soiled, you can wipe the stains with the wrung cloth which was previously dampened with cool water and a small amount of mild soap. After removal of dirt, wipe the material again with a clean damp cloth and set aside to air dry. 

Hair can be washed carefully in cool water with a little liquid for washing wool (do not rub too hard, because wool hair can be spoilt - wiped or felt).

If the doll is very dirty, wash it all, rubbing with the cloth as for smaller dirt. Try not to wet too much the inside of the doll (remember it is sheepswool!). If the doll has mohair hair it is good to secure it before washing the doll (for example, put on a bag of foil). After washing when the doll is wet, wrap it up in a large towel and squeeze gently to remove any remaining water. Reshape the head, body and limbs, if necessary. Place the doll, face up, on a new towel and let it air dry. Since the towels will get saturated with water easily, use a few of them and keep rotating to soak up the water.

Don't twist or wring the doll.

II. Moths

Waldorf dolls re filled with natural sheepswool, so it may happen that moths nest in. Yet, it is very rare, especially when the doll is played with. 

However, if it happens, you should  wrap the doll up in a bag of foil and place it in a freezer for a few days, let's say a week.

III. Beeswax crayon

Coloured cheeks make the doll be alive a bit. However, they dissapear over time. You can easily correct the cheeks by rubbing them with beeswax crayon I have sent you together with the doll.

To colour the cheeks, rub beeswax crayon on a small cloth and apply this to the cheeks by rubbing gently in circular movements.

THANK YOU for purchasing my doll and for your support to buy handmade!

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