Thursday, 31 March 2016

60. Playing with a ball

This is Philip who you already know - my new Waldorf boy doll.

Today Philip was ready to go outdoors early in the morning. 
He had his woolen hat on and even started putting on his cardigan 
when we both noticed looking at the window panes that they were getting wet with rain.

"No, that's awful. It's raining again.", sighed Philip.

Resigned he turned away from the window and quickly took down the hat from his head.

Don't worry, said I, You can play here at home.
And I showed him something: Look, what lovely blocks they are.
I said that but I too remembered that we planned to go for a big stroll to the lake.

Too bad, I heard him muttered.

Well, maybe..., I thought looking at Philip's tee-shirt, 
...I might make him a ball.

Ans after some time a colourful little ball lay close 
to the blocks Philip was playing with.

He caught the ball and looked thrilled to try to throw it into the air.

Philip did not worry any more. He was pleased  throwing and catching the ball 
and he even tried to kick the ball. Oh...

What a great play, he repeated.

Finally he sat to have a rest.
(Dolls are sometimes tired too.)

Thanks for dropping by.
I hope you have a lovely week!


Philip will be looking for a home soon, so stay tuned.

Friday, 25 March 2016

59. Easter 2016

Dear Readers,

I wish you a happy blessed Easter.

And below you will find a link to "La Resurrezione" by Georg Friedrich Haendel. 
My hubby has found this amazing performance on YouTube. 
I am inviting you to watching the video.

With my wishes I am joining "A Soulful Life" for Soulful Fridays.

Friday, 18 March 2016

58. My new doll

I truly do not know how it happened but I made a boy doll. For the first time. 
His name is Philip.

Yesterday we went for a stroll in search of spring.
It was sunny, a bit chilly. Near the little lake we heard birds singing intensely as in the springtime.

Thank you for visiting my blog here.
I wish you a lovely weekend!

I am inviting you for our next walk.
We will visit the same or different place and we 'll be looking for more signs of spring approaching.

Tonight I am joining "A Soulful Life" for Soulful Fridays.

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