Thursday, 23 January 2014

28. All of a sudden

There is a new doll on my table.
She has been here for a short time and has no clothes yet. I like looking at her.
She makes me think of Sophie a bit, do you remember her?

So when I look at Marianne, my new doll, I see her rich dark velvety hair shining with different shades of brown. But after a while I discover in her hair plenty of navy, violet and claret-coloured streaks interwoven. Yes, her hair reminds me of something I cannot name at this moment.

Marianne is sitting on the table and we are looking at some fabrics spread all over to choose a few of them for her clothes. And we are talking at the same time.

"And d'you remember the name of the lake where we met for the first time?" - I hear Marianne's questioning voice.

I had no time to answer because all of a sudden I noticed there was something happening on the table...
What was that?

To our surprise there it was another doll.
She was near Marianne on the table, among the strewn cloths.

As a matter of fact she was not a doll, or being precise not a complete doll.
She was just a little trunk with her head only formed.

Oh dear! Now she is clambering slowly over the cloths.
So we help her a little, because otherwise she wouldn't manage.

"Look, she has neither eyes, nor lips, nor hands or legs. Help her. You must! - says excited Marianne.

"But what about you?" - I am asking her just in case, because I feel she is right.
"We were to make clothes for you."

"It doesn't matter? I will wrap up warm with a blanket and I'll be fine." - answers Marianne.
"I can wait."

"Well, well,..." - I think amused. - "What a nice doll she is. A true doll with soul ..."
And I say aloud. - "Very well then, she can't even tell us now how she arrived here, can she? And it's going to be an interesting story, I'm sure."

"Exactly." - confirms Marianne.
But after a while she is einquiring again. - "Did I look the same as she?"
"No. Come on Marianne, when we met, you were already a beautiful doll, and now let's help our new friend, right?" - I change the subject.


Our "little friend" cannot speak, but I am sure she understood every word of our whole conversation, because unexpectedly she starts bouncing on the table.
I glanced at Marianne. - "Wants to tell us she likes it, doesn't she?"
Marianne nodded her head watching the little one at the same time.
"Be careful, you'll fall down!" - suddenly she cried and caught "the doll".

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