Tuesday, 22 December 2015

56. New dolls' heads and LNG tanker

I can see new dolls' heads on my working table...
I needn't say how glad I am about it. 

And when I look through the window it is rainy, windy and autumny,
with a very high, as for this time of the year, temperature of ten degrees Centigrade...

We are waiting for the real winter like this in the picture below.
Have a look.

Carl Larsson's "Home, Family and Farm"


Heve you ever seen a cat walking along the beach?
It happened to me last Saturday, when I and my hubby drove to Świnoujście.
We went down to the beach near LNG Terminal.
The kitten was lovely, all striped with white bootees on his four paws.
What did he do here? - we wondered.
Perhaps he waited for the Qatari ship departure. Just like us.

The tanker with a liquified gas arrived in Świnoujście a few day ago.
And now she was ready to sail away.
We waited...
First we saw tug boats sailing up to the tanker. They looked so small compared with the colossal ship.
They were five. The boats were changing their position and finally they ranged themselves around the tanker.
It lasted quite a long time... 

Next the ship together with the tug boats around started to move very slowly.
In the beginning it was imperceptible, but after a while we saw a stripe of the pier invisible before.
Well, yes, it was evident the ship was moving. Very slowly but steadily.

She is mooooving!!

Suddenly we heard the hooter from the ship and after that the engines were turned on. 
Now only two tug boats, one ahead and the other behind the tanker, helped her maintain the direction. Little by little the other three lined up after the tanker.
A marvellous view!

When the tanker swiftly reached the exit of the Terminal, she stopped, and the tug boats moved away.
Then the ship easily turned right and... flowed away.

The whole operation lasted a bit more than an hour.

Believe me it was really fascinating to observe these actions happening  so close to us.

Part of LNG Terminal, Świnoujście

Thanks for dropping by.
Have a good day!


  1. que maravilhoso se nevar como está na foto !!
    lindo para o Natal não é mesmo?
    as fotos do navios estão muito interessantes...........
    a Polônia é muito bonita, o mar muito azul...
    um grande abraço..

  2. A nice story, thank you! Yes, we are all waiting for the real winter... I hope it will come soon! Enjoy your Christmas days Krystyna! xxx

    1. Thank you Annasoer. So nice to hear from you.
      Merry Christmas to you and your family. And a happy New Year.

  3. Feliz Natal !!
    que a paz de nosso Senhor esteja com todos...


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