Tuesday, 25 November 2014

44. Maya is leaving...

This is one of the latest photos of Maya taken before her journey. 

Maya has found a new family of her own. Soon she will meet them. She is happy. She is so excited but also a bit anxious, so she sits on the bed and starts playing with Marianne's little basket.

H'm... I'm beginning to think that I will give her this basket. Her journey will be nicer then. "What do you think?" - I ask Marianne. "But of course. Yes, you're right." - she nods

Apart from the clothes I have made earlier Maya gets a lovely woolen cardigan, colourful leggings nd warm bootees. "They will be very useful for the upcoming winter." - I say to Maya and wink at her. The dolls giggle and Marianne notices. "And your hair is longer Maya. Your plaits are lovely."


Bye-bye Maya! 
A lovely little girl is waiting to love you.

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