Tuesday, 27 January 2015

48. The doll's dream

First thing in the morning Tosia-Reddie asked me a question. It was about colours.
"What is your favourite colour? - she asked.
I was just thinking what to answer when Tosia-Reddie said. 
"As for me I like PINK. It is the loveliest colour on our planette."
Then she looked critically at herself and sighed deeply, because she had no pink clothes at all. Not a single item.
" You do not like this colour, do you?" - she glanced at me.
"No, why..." - started I - I like pink, but in small doses... I think."
Tosia-Reddie continued. - "When one looks at pink flowers with green leaves, they are so beautiful... I need a pink scarf or shoes or just a bootee. It's my dream."

"Well, if pink is your favourite colour, let's try and make something. Perhaps we should start with the bootees. They are easy to make." - I said.
And so I made her pink bootees using a LesPouPz pattern.

Then I decided to make her a new dress with pink little flowers and green leaves. I embellished it with a pinkish lace and two vintage mother of pearl buttons afterwards. It looked pretty and simple. 
Since I had a white corduroy with a delicate floral pattern I thought I might use it for bloomers.

A combination of pink and green is pretty I thought. (Well, nature probably does its best.) May I decide on a pink scarf and green hat? Well, as you will see I have made a warm shawlette in the end.

I saw a look of rapture on Tosia-Reddie's face. She saw a stack of CDs on the table. There are lots of them since we often listen to music. The dolly climbed up the pile and sat comfortably on the top swinging her legs with satisfaction.

Tosia-Reddie's dream came true.
("Pretty in pink" collection helped me get an idea.)


Tosia-Reddie is 14 inches tall. She is all made from natural high quality materials: a special swiss cotton jersey designed for dollmakers, clean washed sheepswool, hand embroidered face and certified mohair boucle for hair specially produced for doll making. I made her hair by crocheting the bouclez-loop cap with the use of Agnieszka Nowak's technique (Lalinda). Tosia-Rudzia comes with two sets of clothing. They are made from natural good quality materials: cotton, corduroy, velvet, wool and a combination of cotton and bamboo yarn. And she has a little basket for collecting treasures.

Tosia-Reddie has already found a lovely home where she will get lots of love from her new little friends.


Thank you for dropping by. Have a good day!

Friday, 23 January 2015

47. The beginning of a year

I wish this new year 2015 would be happy, healthy and creative for all of us!

And now I would like to introduce my new doll.

Her name is Tosia. (Just to explain that Tosia is a Polish diminutive of Antonina which is quite unusual since it is Nina in other languages.) 

Her hair is unruly. It sticks up in different directions for most of the time. .
And it has a lovely ginger colour of its own.
It seems Tosia's hair has foredetermined her character. 
Not only is she unruly and scatterbrained but also cheerful, amusing and dear. 

And yet I wonder if it is possible that all these advantages
and disadvantages can be derived from the fact that someone has such hair. Hmm..

Tosia has in her a bit of Anne of the green gables, 
but she would never ever change the colour of her hair.

One day we had a chat about her name.
"Tosia is a lovely name." - started Tosia, but then she added that it was a bit too short.
"We must add something to make it sound better." - she concluded.
"... for example?" - asked I.
"For example Tosia-Reddie." - She answered immediately and turned bright red. - "Just to emphasise the colour of my hair, you know."
"Yes, I understand... I did not know it was so important for you."
"Yes, it is, because when I think about my hair I am always in a jolly mood. So it is important, isn't it? - explained Tosia.
" Certainly. So from now on we have Tosia-Reddie." - I summed up.

A few days later we went to the department store to do some shopping. Afterwards we sat on the bench in a big hall to have a rest. I started tidying up Tosia-Reddie's hair with my fingers. Near us there was sitting a little girl with her Mom. I noticed that the girl was playing with a smartphone...

"Did the dolly want you to scratch her head?" Suddenly I heard a question.
I looked back and saw a girl standing in front of Tosia-Reddie. It was this little girl with the smartphone.
"Did the dolly tell you this?" - the girl enquired looking at me...
She amused me with her questions... (It did happen really. Well, to be precise, it came about at the craft fair ... not in the shop, but does this matter?)


Thank you for dropping by. 
I hope you have a nice weekend.

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