Wednesday, 13 May 2015

49. Lettie. A Joyful Doll

This is  Lettie, my new doll I hand made in a Waldorf style.

As you can see she has brown eyes, and her hair is pink. Lettie's complexion is darker than my other dolls', as her face and body are in a warm light brown colour.

When I saw her for the first time, she was sitting under the tree near a little creek. 
Just here.

Oh, surely she noticed me. She moved and sat close to the stream... 
and after a while she looked at me curiously.

"Hi, I like playing outdoors, especially when it is as warm as today." - I heard her speaking.
"Do you really?" - I said thinking that her voice did not surprise me at all. It sounded cheerful and a bit resonant.
"Yes, I do." - answered she.
"Do you know my name?" -  she was inquiring.
No, I don't know. How should I know? There are so many names. No, I can't say...
"I am Lettie. That is my name." - she declared proudly.

Apparently she looked very satisfied with her name.

Lettie looked around and sat on the grass. She liked the place. 
There were plenty of spring flowers round about with some last year's leaves scattered in places.
"I'm going to play now." - she said to herself.


Lettie is about 14" tall. She is all made from natural high quality materials that are wonderful to work and play with.

To make Lettie I used the following materials:
* body - a special cotton jersey designed for dollmakers (Swiss cotton with Oko-Tex label) in a warm light brown colour;
* stuffing - from top to toe the doll is firmly stuffed with clean carded sheepswool. That is why she is soft and warm.
* eyes, nose and lips - embroidered with floss in different colours;
* cheeks - delicately coloured with red wax crayon;
* HAIR - Lettie has rich pink mohair hair. I made it from beautiful soft and extra long fibre mohair in a pale pink shade (DollyMo Wild Mohair). Mohair is hand dyed using natural dyes Pink (little oke dolls). The doll's hairstyle can be easily changed, and it needs to be finger styled. From time to time you can comb her hair using a comb with rare teeth to make it more fluffy or longer.

Lettie's clothes are as follows:
* light dress - sewn from a delicate cotton, embellished with a white ricrac edging and a light pink lace.  The dress is easy to put on since it is cut at the back. It has snap fasteners with complementary beautiful vintage mother of pearl buttons 
* spring turquoise cardigan - hand knitted (100% cotton);
* bootees - hand knit (adopting LePouPz pattern). I used a cotton yarn in a warm apricot shade. The bootees are embellished with two ribbons and vintage mother of pearl buttons.
* hat - hand knit from the same warm apricot cotton yarn I used for the bootees;
* hair-slide in an apricot-orange shade;
* as a Waldorf doll Lettie wears a pair of blue polka-dot panties.

I made Lettie with a lot of love, many careful stitches and attention to detail.


Many thanks for dropping in.
Happy days!

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