Friday, 21 June 2013

10. On the way to Międzyzdroje

For some time I've been travelling from Wrocław to Międzyzdroje and back to Wroclaw. 
I like this road, especially  a section between Gorzów Wielkopolski and Międzyzdroje, 
being an express way S3.

During a drive I frequently stop for a short break in a village Gościkowo-Paradyż on the river Paklica, placed between Zielona Góra and Międzyrzecz. You will find here a remarkable monastery called Paradyż (Paradise) originating from the 13th century. 
Near the main entrance to the monastery there grow old trees, mostly platans.

Gościkowo-Paradyż, Monastery Paradise viewed from the main entrance

Gościkowo-Paradyż, platans near the main gate

Yet a small coffee and quick glance at the trees stretching their branches above my head (such a fresh green) and off I go.

Gościkowo-Paradyż, view of the branches of the old platans stretching above my head when I look at them drinking coffee

A now it is time for a little trailor, kind of surprise. Here is my new doll Ania or Anja. 
She already appeared during our trip with Mila to Łeba,
 if you remember.

She will be available in my ETSY boutique soon!

Waldorf doll *comapnion doll * ANIA, 14,5 inches tall

Have a nice day!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

9. A sky-blue summer dress

It is getting warmer and warmer. The summer is coming...

Yesterday Mila was a bit bored sitting in my Etsy boutique... She asked me for a nice blue summer dress. Why not? Wonderful idea. I got to work and made a dress and a small kerchief. Just good enough for this hot weather. It was really hot, about 30 degrees centigrades.

Together with Mila we are inviting you for w short walk in our park. It is a great place where we often rest, oasis of green.

Park nearby
Mila wanted to go to the clearing with old trees:

Uff...  I'm hot and a bit tired.
But it's good to sit in the shade. I'm better now.

I'm not going anywhere, Staying here.
OK. It's great.

Mila is available in my Etsy boutique: 

A meadow with wild flowers

Till next time!

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