Wednesday, 31 July 2013

16. In the countryside

I would like to present some shots from around Kamień Pamorski, 
a small town situated about 20 km off the sea. 

On our way from Wolin to Kamień Pomorski we spotted three storks' nests with storks, 
parents and their youth, inside. 
The three nests were located on electric line poles, near the houses, 
almost in the farmyard.

Storks' nest. A little stork inside.

Monday, 15 July 2013

15. Playing in the park

Another entrance to Old Town Gardens in Wrocław
As promised, the next day we drove again to the park to spend more time 
in the children's playground. 
It was quite early, and there were only few children there. 
Anja wore overalls and a T-shirt. On her little head she had a ribbon keeping
her short hair in place.

When we came to the playground, Anja seemed quite happy. 
"We will be coming here every day, won't we?" - she asked. 
And not waiting for my answer she ran towards the swings.

I  took some photos of amused and all smiles Anja. Have a look.

If you happen to be in Wrocław, visit old Town Gardens. 
They are worth seeing. You'll have a great time.

Have a nice day!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

14. Different dolls

We have Puppets' Theatre in Wrocław. 
Before entering the theatre, you can admire a fountain with sculptures of dwarfs and birds, 
situated just in front of the building.

Wrocław puppet  theatre

 Curious Ania viewed the theatre programme. "Little Red Riding Hood " turned out to be most appealing to her. 
"But these dolls are something different", observed she.
Well, they are puppets, you know.

Close to the theatre there was Entrance to Old Town Gardens, 
referring to the 19th century Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen. 
This is a wonderful place for children to play around and have fun.

Entrance to Old Town Gardens in Wrocław
We walk through the entrance and come to the fountain with a statue of boy and swan. 
Water spurting from the fountain is illuminated by reflectors with changing light colour. 

Fountain with a statue of boy and swan
The view of the fountain is enchanting. 
We walk through the park to the children's playground.

Children's playground in Old Town Gardens in Wrocław
It is so nice here. 
We promise ourselves to come here again.Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.
Be with us.

                                I'm inviting you to visit my blog. You are a really welcome visitor.

Monday, 8 July 2013

13. It's high time I introduced Anja

ANJA * Waldorf doll * companion doll * child-doll 

Anja is my next doll I have made myself. She is 36 cm (14,5 inches) tall. 
In the story below I described one of our last walks we had together. 
Anja is a lively, nice girl-doll. She is ready to meet her new Mom. 
She is waiting impatiently to get to know her new family and start with 
them a new adventure in her life. 

What is Anja like? Just listen!
It was hot late afternoon, when Anja ran out towards a meadow near our house.
I followed her without delay. She ran fast to the place we went to yesterday. 
She was a bit tired, I think, because she sat on the soft grass the moment she reached this place. 
I sat by her, and for a while we enjoyed watching the grass and flowers surrounding us... 
On the right there was a group of white wild flowers. They were the colour of Anja's hair.

 And then Anja asked me:
You know,  I wonder what my new Mom will be like.
I am sure, she'll be your best friend, I answered and added:
You will play, tell stories, laugh. You will be together. 

  Oh, how nice, Anja was delighted. 
She started making faces and hopping, she was so happy.  
When her hat fell down, she didn' t want to let me put it on 
laughing "No, no, it doesn't matter."


In the end the hat found its way to Anja's head, 
while Anja was still in a very good mood. 
She began climbing the twigg because she noticed a liitle snail on it. Yet it was difficult for her to reach the top of the twig, 
so I lifted her up, and she could see the snail from near. 
Nice house he has... she announced.

The evening was approaching... 
I took another pic of Anja and we went back home. 
 She has to get enough sleep because we are going down to town tomorrow. 
We are inviting you to visit us and follow Anja's adventures. 


My best wishes to you. 

Till then.

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