Monday, 19 May 2014

37. Marianne's dress

Much to my surprise Marianne told me she would like to have a long dress.
"I'd love to have one. It would remind me of something." - added she.
"Really?" - I was still taken aback. 

So far I have never made a long dress. My dolls did not ask me to do this. So it is going to be for the first time. 
And I started picturing a dress for Marianne. 
I remembered a lovely long dress I saw on Gabi Moench-Ford's "FairyWoolDolls" blog  
whose dolls I really admire. Suddenly I wanted to make a similar dress for Marianne.

When it is getting cold Marianne puts on a dark and red shawl knitted from the same wool  
as her bootees and a ribbon for her hair..., and a funny yellow pixie bonnet.

As you can see the bonnet is warm and big enough to be easily put on her hair .

Sometimes Marianne wears a cardigan. 
She really likes it, especially when she plays outdoors and it is cold.

When we strolled yesterday it was chilly.  
However after a while the weather changed a bit and we even had some sunshine. 
Marianne immediately took off her hat...


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Friday, 9 May 2014

36. Marianne

My latest doll Marianne should be named Patience after she had to put up with how slow 
I was working on her.

I must admit my dolls have always been willing to cooperate with me and somehow tell who 
they want to become. But first I must find in them something that expresses them and helps determine their little personalities. When it is unveiled the dolls start telling their stories. 

Marianne was no exception. I knew, from the start, she was going to be really special, 
so I was glad we would spend more time together than usual and enjoyed it 
as I created her. 
Soon I could carry out all I planned out in my head . 
I like sewing little clothing. I like creating the dolls' faces.  

Since it stopped raining and the weather was getting fine, we decided to go on a trip. 
From Międzyzdroje to Kamień Pomorski. After fifteen minutes' drive we turn into a local road with old high trees growing along the road on both sides. 
What a lovely old avenue! 
Watch out!  I say to myself. It is very narrow... and these trees.

On the right there appeared a flowering rape field.
What is it?  Marianne asks.

"Rape field." - I say.
(On the way from Wolin to Kamień Pomorski in Western Pomerania, Poland.)

We stopped for a moment and had a walk in the greenish-yellow bush. 
Only after we returned to the car did we realise that the rape was wet from a recent rain. 
Our clothes! They were caked with wet yellow pollen...

Keep an eye on us. 
Soon Marianne will be looking for a new home in my shop.

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