Saturday, 5 April 2014

33. In the orchard

Abandoned orchard
There is an old plum orchard near our house...
Each year about this time the abandoned orchard comes into flower. 
For a fortnight it turns into white marvel. 
A mysterious garden.

For years new plum-trees have grown around the orchard. 
They have a beautiful spherical  shape as the tree in the photo below. 
In the autumn they have lots of plums, but they are inedible. So sour.

A plum-tree that has run wild in its spring loveliness
When May comes 

nightingales hiding in the thicket of the orchard start singing their love songs. 
They sing day and night  for two, three weeks. 
Apparently the birds got used to people and the noise people make. 
They seem not to pay attention to their neighborhood, 
however sometimes they fly away frightened when they are disturbed too much. 
It does happen from time to time, and believe me it is so quiet then. 
Too quiet. 

I can't wait to hear them sing again this year.

An abandoned orchard - our mysterious garden.

Thank you for stopping by. The sun is out now and it's finally warming. 
Have a pleasant weekend.


  1. Beautiful description :) I miss the orchard and nightingales!

  2. Hello Krystyna:
    I have 3 plum trees in my house. Because of the climate, they are not as beautiful as this photo.
    is very beautiful!
    loved it ..
    I never heard a song of nightingale, must be something magical!
    reminds me tales of Andersen
    Good weekend.

  3. Hello Eliane. Thank you so much for your visit. Thank you for your comments.Yes, really as you write nightingale is something magical . So little posture and such a voice. It is music and colour and thousands of tones in his song. It reminds me of Anderson too. Cheers. Have a relaxing weekend.


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