Thursday, 24 December 2015

57. Christmas Eve Wishes

Gerard van Honthorst, Adoration of the child,
circa 1620, Uffizi Gallery, Florence

I would like to say thank you to all my readers.

I wish you wonderful Christmas 
full of warmth and joy.

And let The New Year bring hapinness, health 
and prosperity to all of you.

Below is a fragment of lovely lyrics about Christmas time

composed in one of dialects in the Polish language.
(I leave it as it goes because it is untranslatable.)

"Po to jest tyn godni cas
Coby miyłość kwitła w nos
Kwioteckami, listeckami
I małymi świycoskami
Coby zyła w nos."

("Godni cas",  Wanda Szada-Kudasikowa)

Christmas carol sung by Hania Rybka  
from the Tatra mountains, Poland. 


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