Wednesday, 19 June 2013

9. A sky-blue summer dress

It is getting warmer and warmer. The summer is coming...

Yesterday Mila was a bit bored sitting in my Etsy boutique... She asked me for a nice blue summer dress. Why not? Wonderful idea. I got to work and made a dress and a small kerchief. Just good enough for this hot weather. It was really hot, about 30 degrees centigrades.

Together with Mila we are inviting you for w short walk in our park. It is a great place where we often rest, oasis of green.

Park nearby
Mila wanted to go to the clearing with old trees:

Uff...  I'm hot and a bit tired.
But it's good to sit in the shade. I'm better now.

I'm not going anywhere, Staying here.
OK. It's great.

Mila is available in my Etsy boutique: 

A meadow with wild flowers

Till next time!


  1. Great post! I enjoyed the walk very much :) and Mila has a nice dress, good job :D

  2. Thanks Ola. How nice your commentary is. Thanks a lot.


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