Sunday, 15 December 2013

25. Promise

It was Wednesday when I said goodbye to Sophie. First we went for a short walk
and then we only had to pack. Sophie was very excited. After all she was about
to start a new adventure in her life.

I hugged her and wished good journey. 
"You will have a wonderful friend". - I encouraged her. 

She waved her hand to me smiling. And she left.


I returned to our morning walk. We went to the sea. 
It was quiet with no trace of the recent strong winds at all.  We went up the stairs to the top of the cliff and looked around. In front of us there was a small clearing, where we noticed a big bird standing in the grass.
"Ohhh!" - cried out Sophie. - "What is it?"
"A goose". - I answered. - "She is a wild goose."

"How beautiful." - I heard Sophie ... I looked at her surprised. She was enchanted with the bird and started walking towards her. The goose suddenly got scared off and flew away on to the nearest tree. A moment later she flew farther, towards to the sea. She flew faster and faster until she disappeared...

On our way home Sophie showed me something - a green little hood.
"How did you get this?" - asked I.
"Found it in the clearing where the goose stood. It's like my hood, only much smaller. I'll give it to you if you like." 
I thanked her and imagined at once Beauty staying all this time around Sophie until she was sure Sophie chose staying here. She reminded me of Niels too. "I'll have to find him... I must.'

Thank you for your visit!


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