Wednesday, 25 November 2015

54. "The doll's wardrobe" or a delayed Day 5 in "Puppenmitmacherei" project

It snowed yesterday morning for the first time this autumn. For a short while we had lovely white fresh snow which sadly melted away quickly. It seems winter is slowly approaching.

So I am glad my doll already has clothes.

Not only has she clothes, she has also her name. I could say "at last!", because as a matter of fact I do not like talking about my dolls namelessly. Usually when I make a doll, her name pops up together with the doll herself. 

Obviously it was different this time, since I  concentrated more on the construction,
technique and viewing blogs of the colleagues participating in the project.
However at times I pondered on the name of my doll who was slowly taking shape. It seemed to me that she downright required more than just calling her "doll" or "dolly"...

And I called her Amy. 

I can see that Amelia enjoys coloured clothes, above all red and yellow as her favourites. It appeals to me, especially that she likes yellow reminding of the sunny summer.

Do you agree with me that Amy looks like a little child in appearance? 

I will try to accentuate this in her clothes. 

First I made her a cotton dress in her favourite colour (red, of course). Then I hand knitted warm bootees from wool in a shade of brown and red. In addition I made lovely socks from cotton jersey in the colour of the hot summer sun. When I dressed  her Amy looked really happy.

Later I found some red wool just to knit Amy's cardigan and from light alpaca I knitted a sweet bonnet and a big warm shawl. I do hope Amy will gladly wear it when the weather changes and winter comes.

Sometimes Amy sits on the book and watches illustrations, especially those with children. 
It seems she would love to play with them.

Here she is admiring "The sun egg" by Else Beskow.

Well, the project is about to finish soon and I am curious to know what will happen to Amy and what she will be doing in the future.

Hope you have a good week!

I am inviting you to our last project meeting in December.

And here is a link to our network of all participants. (Please scroll down to the end of post.)

More information about the project you will find here.


  1. Wow Krystyna, Amy is adorable! The clothes also look beautiful, you have made everything with love, I can see that! Thank you for your nice words on my blog
    Warmly , Annasoer

    1. Hello Annasoer,
      Thank you for a lovely opinion.\
      I am glad you popped up.

  2. olá Krystyna:
    que trabalho maravilhoso !!
    sua boneca tem um rosto muito delicado e suave, parece que saiu de um livro de conto de fadas.
    estou encantada com o guarda roupa ..
    que lindas roupas !!!
    se está nevando , então ela precisa de muito cuidados para não ficar com frio.
    que lindo que a neve cai por aí, fico imaginando que maravilhoso esperar o Natal com frio chegando.
    um grande abraço e já estava sentindo sua falta !!

    1. Dear Eliane,
      Thank you. I am glad you like Amy and her wardrobe.

      Yes, you expressed it very nicely. Each year we are waiting for snowy and cold Christmas, but we are more and more disappointed because Christmas time is often warm and rainy.
      I wonder what the weather is like at Christmas time in Brasil. Isn't it hot?
      And just think that Jesus was born in Betleyem where it is hot all year round.
      Aah, that is the world. Wonderful.

  3. I do agree ~ Amy is much like a real little child. You've dressed her just right for the season. The red sweater inspires me to try making one for Isabelle.

    1. Thank you for visiting me and my Amy.
      I am glad you like the read sweater for Amy.
      Next week she will be meeting some children and I am looking forward to it.


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