Monday, 19 May 2014

37. Marianne's dress

Much to my surprise Marianne told me she would like to have a long dress.
"I'd love to have one. It would remind me of something." - added she.
"Really?" - I was still taken aback. 

So far I have never made a long dress. My dolls did not ask me to do this. So it is going to be for the first time. 
And I started picturing a dress for Marianne. 
I remembered a lovely long dress I saw on Gabi Moench-Ford's "FairyWoolDolls" blog  
whose dolls I really admire. Suddenly I wanted to make a similar dress for Marianne.

When it is getting cold Marianne puts on a dark and red shawl knitted from the same wool  
as her bootees and a ribbon for her hair..., and a funny yellow pixie bonnet.

As you can see the bonnet is warm and big enough to be easily put on her hair .

Sometimes Marianne wears a cardigan. 
She really likes it, especially when she plays outdoors and it is cold.

When we strolled yesterday it was chilly.  
However after a while the weather changed a bit and we even had some sunshine. 
Marianne immediately took off her hat...


Thank you for stopping by.
 Have a nice day.


  1. Her outfit is lovely! I also like her blue cardi very much :)

  2. Your visit is my pleasure. Thank you Annasoer.

  3. Hello Krystyna:
    your doll is so beautiful!
    so delicate, smooth and quiet appearance!
    congratulation for doing something so wonderful.
    greetings from Brazil

    1. Dear Eliane,
      Thank you very much. I am happy you like my doll. Your comment is wonderful.

      Greetings from Poland
      You know "my" nightingales are still singing in the orchard. They are so sweet.

  4. Czapeczka kapturek jest boska!!!


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