Sunday, 20 April 2014

35. Easter time

I wish you a joyous time.

Marianne looked curiously at the decorated basket  with the blessed food. Yet after a moment she was attracted by another basket. it was very small, it looked as if made specially for her.
Yes, it WAS for her.

Happy Easter!

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. I am delighted!
    I thought who is Mariana?
    then I saw:
    Mariana with that beautiful pysanky!!
    and a special and small for her.
    Loved this story! So good thinking and imagining beautiful things!
    ~ Happy Easter to you and your entire family.
    greetings from Brazil

  2. Dear Eliane,
    Thank you for your wishes and nice words about my "writing". You are very kind to me.

    Pisanki - which means written eggs (actually the eggs are rather painted and coloured with the use of batik technique). I am very happy and surprised that you know so much about my culture.

    I wish you and your family Happy Easter!
    Greetings from Poland


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