Wednesday, 5 August 2015

52. "Puppenmitmacherei" - 2nd online Meeting: Preparations

Welcome to the Second Day of making dolls together in an online event "Puppenmitmacherei". Today I will show you the patterns I have prepared and then I will sew individual doll parts I am going to work on in the upcoming meetings. However before I do this let me look in on Maria's blog (Mariengold) who together with Caroline (Naturkinder) have organised Puppenmitmacherei.

What does Maria write about? She recapitulates our previous work and accurately specifies our second meeting tasks. That is, we already know what we want to sew. We know more or less what our doll will look like. We have our patterns ready or make modifications we talked about before. Now we can lay the tricot that will be used for the doll body and put the patterns on, mark the contours of the patterns, cut them out and sew the doll parts by sewing machine or by hand. Simple, isn't it? It looks so, but I am sure all of us know how important all these elements are. I like the straight and systematic way Maria presents successive steps of creating a doll. In addition she gives lots of useful tips and practical suggestions. It is worth reading.

My doll will be rather small.
Asuuming she will be 36 cm tall I have prepared patterns accordingly. On Day 1 I thought of a different pattern, but eventually I decided on a classic pattern with such proportions where the doll head is one fourth of the whole height of the doll. I used a typical Waldorf doll pattern with a body and legs as one piece. When I prepare a particular pattern I usually make some small changes. This time I too modified the pattern a bit. I think I slightly slimmed the legs and subtly changed the shape of the body. Much more attention I paid to the arms. I wanted them to be bent more than the hands of my previous dolls. That is how I visualized it. I made a new arm pattern I would test in our upcoming meeting.

My Waldorf style Dolls - Puppenmitmacherei.2
The doll pattern

I sewed the doll parts by sewing machine (applying a double simple elastic stitch) with the use of a strong polyster sewing thread. The contours of the patterns were marked with the use of a plain pencil and air-erasable pen.

My Waldorf style Dolls - Puppenmitmacherei.2
Here I have the doll body sewn... Now I will be sewing the arms.

Now that I have the doll parts sewn and ready I will put them aside for a while, because now I am going to work on the doll head, For me it is the most interesting step in the process of creating a doll. And this will be one of the topics in our next meeting. 
So far I have always begun making a doll with the forming of the doll head. In this project we have started with the making of the body and limbs first which is quite new for me. Well, I enjoy this project and I am glad I will try some new approaches and methods. I must remember however and check if the head of my planned doll will not exceed 9 cm in diameter!
At this stage you can view my doll in the photo below. She looks like that.

My Waldorf style Dolls - Puppenmitmacherei.2
The doll parts are sewn and ready to be stuffed.

Have a lot of fun.

I will see you on September 2 (our third meeting), when my doll will be ready!

And now I am leaving to visit my colleagues. I wonder what they are writing about and what their dolls look like.
Here is a link to all participants of our second meeting.


  1. Thank you for the interesting post. Funny how most of us tend to start with the dead also. ;) Looking forward to your next post and the head post. :>

    1. Thank you so much for your kindly comment.
      Best wishes,

  2. olá Krystyna:
    seu trabalho é sempre maravilhoso !!!
    admiro muito todo o seu talento, fazendo essas bonecas com tanta delicadeza e beleza !!!
    você é uma grande artista !!!
    moro tão longe mas estou sempre me lembrando de você e de sua amizade !!!
    um bom fim de semana e tudo de bom !!!

    1. Aww, thanks so much!

      Dear Eliane, thanki you for the visit and so much delightful compliments.
      When I look at my araucaria she reminds me of you!
      Wisihing you a wonderful weekend.

  3. Thank you for your detailed post! It is very interesting to follow your working progress. And you've come so far already! I am curious about what you are going to show us at our next meeting, yes, next week already :-)

    Best regards,



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