Wednesday, 27 March 2013

1. Hello, welcome to my blog

Hello, welcome to my blog. I have built this blog to tell you about my passion. Here I'm going to write subjectively about the dolls I make myself. They are the Waldorf style dolls. 

The Waldorf doll has proportions of a child's body, and she/he looks like a child.
Sometimes she is even called a "child doll". The doll is handmade from natural materials and stuffed with sheepswool. Thanks to this she is warm, soft to the touch, and smells of home. A child feels safe with her - she's a friend, a trustee, someone very dear. It's good to have someone like her in a new place ,for instance, in a kindergarten.

The Waldorf doll's features are delicately marked (only eyes, lips and cheeks), and they're quite neutral. It helps to develop child's imagination and fantasy. Depending on a child's mood, the doll is sad or happy, she will be laughing , dancing or so.

I like making these dolls very much. They are simple and  charming.

   (The Waldorf doll MILA, 16 " tall; in photo here and above)

It'll be nice to have you visiting this place. Your comments are welcome.

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