Saturday, 22 March 2014

29. So we did as we decided

Our little trunk's head

The little "trunk" that appeared in our previous post is restless. 
You can see at once she is going to be a very playful doll.

I look at her thinking about her face. "What does she look like?
I start picturing her in my mind. 
Her eyes will be blue. But what if I make them grey-blue? Yes, right. 
Grey-blue eyes, not too big, of usual size, let's say in the shape of almonds. Yes.
Now rather small lips in pink, dark pink, or even raspberry... Yes, this will be good. 
And classical proportions where eyes and lips make an nice equilateral triangle... 
That's it."

What about hair? What hair has she got? Fair, dark?

Fair-haired doll
Hair mixed with ginger

Or darker shades of hair


While working on my new doll, from time to time I have a glance at Marianne. 
She is sitting just beside me and I can see her cheeks are turning pink. 
She says, I like it so much. You know to choose the colours and all that.


As for the hair I eventually decide on this.

Half-long mohair hair in the shade of light brown

What else? 
Just legs and arms and the doll is finished. At that very moment she calms down. 
She does not jump nor tumble as we have expected her to behave. Nothing of the kind. 
She puts her back against my sewing machine and looks at her hands in admiration. 
"So marvellous." - I can hear her voice.
"Hi, how are you?" - says Marianka...

Thank you for dropping in!
I wish you all nice and relaxing weekend.


  1. Hi Krystyna! Somehow I missed your last post, so I was really surprised today to see your progress! I love your two new dolls ! Lovely pictures! I will check upon you again soon ;) Good luck!!
    Greetings, Annasoer :)

  2. Hello Annasoer! Thank you for dropping in and a nice comment. I am happy you like my new dolls. Greetings, Krystyna 3>

  3. I found very wonderful your work ..

    1. Thank you Eliane for visiting my blog and for your lovely comments.
      Thanks for invitation to visit your blog.
      Krystyna :)


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