Thursday, 23 May 2013

8. Hi, my Etsy boutique is just open!

Here Mila is sunbathing and having a rest for a change.
My Etsy boutique is open! 

I am happy to invite you to visit my shop and share your opinions with me. In my Etsy boutique you will find my doll Mila who is looking   for her new home. She is a strong willed and adventurous girl,
and she likes giving lots of hugs. You will find more stories about Mila in the previous posts. I have uploaded many pictures of Mila to my blog here (in earlier posts) and my gallery on flickr. 

So you are interested in bringing Mila home, please check all these pictures out to be sure about what Mila is like. 

Please feel free to ask me any questions. I will be happy to answer them. 

My e-mail    kbm.1507(at)

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