Sunday, 20 October 2013

18. Croatia

Last shot from Croatia at the border crossing with Slovenia.
(with the view of vineyards on the hills.)

In September we were on holidays in Croatia. We spent two weeks on the most protruding southward end of Istria, on Kamenjak cape near the town Premantura.

Little bays with beaches, isles, Island Cres appearing on the horizon.  This is how the coast of Adriatic looks like from Kamenjak.
Kamenjak with Premantura far off.

Even now I can remember and feel that smell of the air, a mixture of herbal oils with spray sea water, warmth of the sun and wind. Water in the sea was not as warm as in August, but it was still much easier to get used to it than in the Baltic Sea in August (not September!) The time was going by as we swam, sunbathed and went sightseeing Istria. We started, however, with exploring Kamenjak...

Kamenjak and the view of the Uczka mountain massif on the horizon -
 the highest range of mountains in Istria.
Kamenjak. Blue thistle.

End of Istria, Kamenjak and land.   There stretches only the Adriatic Sea outside.
(You can see a tiny island and a lighthouse behind it on the left.)
Waters surrounding the end of Kamenjak are dangerous because of strong sea currents occuring there. Accordingly a relevant warning is placed nearby. However...

The last snip of Kamenjak and adventurous swimmers.

However... adventurers who like hazard can be found anywhere like the swimmers in this pic...

Gate or arch built from small pieces of rock and stones by a talented tourist
We often passed this "gate" walking to the sea. We liked it very much...

Kamenjak is a nature park. It is a beautiful place. What else have we seen in Istria? There is so much to write about that I 'll do it in a separate post.

Thank you for popping in.

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