Sunday, 17 November 2013

20. Sophie?

I thought about Sophie even then when, after returning from holidays, I tried to sort out my impressions associated with holidays....

One day when I sat at my computer looking at photos I noticed "something" on the table. This tiny "thing" stared intensely at me or the computer in turn.

Sophie - I thought. Yes, she will look like this... Why not?... Sophie, absolutely, or... maybe Sophy.
Sophie... a high-spirited and smart little girl. With her brown and ginger hair, not too long, and... greenish eyes. Her eyes - yes... with a nice shade of green, almost turquoise. They look deep into your eyes as if they wanted to x-ray you. I wonder what thoughts this little creature may have. - I meditated for a second or two, when suddenly I heard quite clearly : What are you doing? Looking at something...?

Oo, yes, I... am looking at my photos. Do you know what photos are?
Sophie, because this was little Sophie, doesn't look surprised. She nodds her head vigorously.

Ooh! A lizard. How you got this pic? - questions Sophie.
I took it. It's a picture from my holidays.
I never seen such a green lizard. She's got a very long tail and is so... fast. - she adds.
Mhm, yes, it is very agile...  And you, Sophie,you are really bright. Green is your favourite colour, I suppose. - I say.
Maybe. I'm not sure, but maybe it is. - Sophie agrees in the end.

I am quite certain about Sophie now, so I have started  working on her. 
I hope she will be finished soon, because Sophie herself promised to help.

Thank you for visitiing us.


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