Wednesday, 27 November 2013

21. A little hood and booties. A beginning of the story

"And how are you, Sophie? How are you doing? OK,  I'm fine". 
And then I could only listen to her endless stories about what happened in the morning, 
in the evening and at night. We have had such and alike talks  since Sophie came to us. 

Well, that she came is maybe not the adequate word. She appeared suddenly. 
When I asked her how she arrived and where she came from Sophie only smiled mysteriously. 

One day, however...

she asked me to make her a green little hood and red bootees. She wanted to look like her friend, 
a little gnome, she travelled with. I pricked up my ears. "And what happened to him? 
Where's he now?" - asked I. Sophie's answer was short. He just jumped into a white house, and she chose my window. As she was saying this, Sophie nestled herself in the sunlit chair and stretched. Hmmm, very interesting. I did not say anything. And then Sophie fell asleep. 

I wondered - "Have I got any red and green yarns? Well, let's try and find something."
I was beginning to think that my adventure with the little doll was becoming more and more interesting each day.

Soon the cap and bootees were ready, but Sophie was sleeping on and on. At last she woke up. Seeing a new hood she put it on immediately. She really liked it. So did I.

"And what are they? Bootees... red bootees. Just as I wanted them..." 
The little shoes walked down to Sophie and quickly jumped onto her little feet.

She admired them for a few minutes. Next she looked anxiously through the window just to be sure nothing exciting happened outside while she looked at her new shoes. 
It was quiet, she glanced at me.
I knew she wanted to tell me something. I waited...

Thank you for dropping in.


  1. lovely...
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  2. Hello Eliane! Thank you for visiting my blog. Thanks for your kind comment.


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