Tuesday, 10 June 2014

38. A forest lake

I thought it was one of her new fantasies she was always ready to make up
. She usually had many stories to tell especially on our evening walks by the sea. Most often we climbed the cliff. 
And when we approached the wooden stairs descending to the beach she sat at the top and looked at the sea glittering  down in front of us... 
Yes, Marianne liked the sea. 


On that day we went to the forest. When I stopped at the parking area, we saw a little forest lake nearby. Marianne ran to the small wooden pier, sat down and happily looked around. Oh, the place was so admirable.

Light blue clouds were mirrored in the water alternately with the reflections of the trees 
growing on the bank. We were enchanted by this stunning landscape.

When I looked around I had a feeling I had been here before. But no... the point is that the lake with the surroundings resembled another place with a very similar forest lake 
I had been to. Hence, the impression... Yes, it was there where I met Marianne. Just a moment, how did it happen..?

Oh, yes. I remember there was something wrong with my rucksack. I turned my head and saw little legs and arms sticking out of the rucksack. And then I noticed Marianne...

But now Marianne sits at the end of the pier watching reflections in the water and enjoying a quiet time beside the lake. Suddenly she saw an old spider's web. She settled herself opposite the web, leaned against the embedded post and started jogging the web lightly with her foot.
"Be careful, you will fall into the lake."

In answer she smiled at me knowingly. - "Do you remember?" I nodded and said to myself "very clever indeed".
"How did it happen that you were in my rucksack?"
"I came from a fairy-tale land. " - I heard her pleasant voice. 
"I asked you for a long dress, because once upon a time I wore long dresses.." 
I looked at her and Marianne, I could swear, she winked at me...

In a moment she wasn't here. She was running down the path to smell some forget-me-nots growing by the lake. It was all fairy-tale.

We had a lovely afternoon in the woods walking, listening, seeing and talking.


Thank you for stopping by.
Happy days.


  1. Your work is getting cuter!
    I love the stories and the imagination so sweet!
    Beautiful place!
    I hope you are well and wish all the best
    greetings from Brazil!

    1. Dear Eliane,
      Thank you so much for visiting me. You are very kind and nice.

  2. Lovely dress Krystyna! And your pictures are great too! :)

    1. Dear Annasoer,
      A big thank you to you for visiting me. Lovely comment.


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