Thursday, 21 August 2014

41. MAYA, a new Waldorf style doll

I'd like to introduce you to Maya. She is my new doll I hand made in a Waldorf style.

Maya is a sweet little girl standing around 14 inches tall. 

She has light skin, blue eyes, pink lips and rosy red cheeks. 
Her facial feature are hand embroidered and her cheeks are coloured with a wax crayon. Her hair is very soft white mohair crocheted into a cap. Occasionally it can be delicately brushed with a comb.

Maya loves playing a lot... She is a wonderful companion.

However, from time to time, Maya is cross with me I do not know why, 
and then she does not like chatting. Luckily it does not usually last long...,

Come on, don't be cross with me, Maya! 

because she quickly forgets and is happy again.

Maya is wearing a pretty blue dress, white and greenish trousers and violet blend shoes. Her playful little ponytails are tied with a white ribbon. When there is a special day Maya ties a band with two flowers around her hair.

I made her with a lot of love and attention to details, 
and it was such a fun to be with her all this time.

Maya is waiting to find her own family and is hoping for a wonderful adventure in her life. She would like to give huggs, smiles and fun. 

Thank you for visiting us. 
Have a nice day!


  1. Olá Krystyna:
    seu trabalho é sempre maravilhoso !!!
    tem uma delicadeza e encanto...

    1. Hello Eliane. It is so nice to hear from you. Thank you for your comment. You are so kind. Thank you.


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