Friday, 27 June 2014

40. Waiting for the ferry to Świnoujśćie

What am I going to work on now? I haven't decided yet. Meanwhile I cleaned off my table and went on an excursion...

It was Sunday afternoon when we set out for Świnoujście. It has always been a bit of a problem when driving to Świnoujście, the last Polish town on the borderline with Germany, because it is situated on two islands. To get to the main part of the town one has to take a ferry. Sometimes the waiting time for the ferry is two hours!
As expected we saw a long queue of cars in front of us. After fifteen minutes' time we gave up and decided to withdraw.
What to do?.. We heard there was a nature reserve about here, but actually never had time to visit it. We might go there now, why not. Let's try and find it!

Very soon we found out it was a good idea.

A couple of swans
The reserve is called Karsiborska Kępa "Birds' Sanctuary" and it is situated in the region of back delta of the river Świna. The landscape is greatly diverse with over forty isles and the river meandering among them. From time to time a tourists' ship turns up. Lovely place, peaceful and quiet.

The reserve itself consists of broad meadows and pastures. Soon we were in the fields of grass waving in the wind all around and we heard birds' singing.

Some horses were grazing in the pastures nearby. They were quiet and admirable... 

On the horizon we noticed a group of cows... 
Since they were far off we started strolling in their direction stopping now and then. 
Unexpectedly we saw them quite near. They were moving towards us, 
some of them even running, what was worse they were on the same path as we. 
Probably they crossed wires fencing the fields... 
We quickly retreated, and the cows.. after a while they left in the direction of the river.

Polish primitive horse (Konik polski), specific Polish breed with beautiful blue dun hair coat.

Here you can see some local farmers' horses grazing in the reserve pastures from spring to autumn.

In the neighbouring village there was an interesting mediaeval church from 15th century. 

And the flowering grass everywhere. 

Heron or crane? Who knows. 
The path where we saw cows.

We had a lovely afternoon here. 
The next day I wanted to go back to this lovely place. 

Thank you for your visit.
Have a nice weekend.

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