Monday, 6 May 2013

4. Hi, my name is MILA!

Today I will tell you about a doll I have made lately. Her name's MILA.

I know MILA likes playing very much. She is always looking for playmates. She likes pretending to be Mom, and her playmate is her baby - that's her favourite play. 
For a long May weekend we drove to a place called Łeba at the seaside. Of course, we take MILA with us. Near the house where we stay there is a small wood with little white flowers growing among the trees. Will MILA find a friend to play with here? 

"But these flowers are so pretty! Surely, the spring has come..." - I can hear MILA.

Anemone (Latin: Anemone sylvestris)

"What are they called? I must have a look at them from near... They're so beautiful."

After a moment's reflection MILA is sure.  
- "Yes, they're anemones."
Well, MILA likes plants, and easily recognises some of them. 
Good for you!... MILUNIA.

"Oops... What's this? Whose shoes are they?"
MILA is so occupied with admiring the anemones that at first she hasn't noticed someone  standing near and looking around.

A girl doll like her.

"Hello, what's your name?...  I'm MILA.  And YOU?...."   asks MILA.
"I, I... My name is ANIA..." - answers ANIA.

Do you want to play with me?...  YES!

And after a while ANIA and MILA are sitting together. They look happy.


  1. Such a nice story :) I like the last photo, showing Mila and Ania sitting together amongs the anemones. Ania seems quite shy, does she not?

  2. Thank you. Maybe Ania is a bit shy. She looks so delicate.


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