Monday, 13 May 2013

5. MILA - Waldorf style doll

In the previous post I introduced my two new dolls Mila and Ania. And now, let me tell you more about Mila.

MILA is Waldorf inspired doll, 16 inches(40 cm) tall. She is made from special cotton jersey and is stuffed with sheepswool.

Her head is embroidered with mohair yarn in the colour of her hair. I made her short fair hair from the same mohair yarn by applying strand by strand to the embroidered head. Her hairstyle can be easily changed.   Mila has embroidered blue eyes, coral lips and  few freckles. Her cheeks are coloured with wax crayon.

Her clothing consists of a cotton jersey shirt and a pair of velveteen trousers, cotton undies and woolen shoes. When it is cold and windy Mila puts on a white mohair hat and scarf.
Mila herself and her clothes are made from natural materials (cotton, cotton jersey, velvet,wool and mohair yarns) and a lot of love and care.

Mila likes plants. To tell the truth she loves them all, especially flowers. You could notice it in the last post.

I've myself discovered that while she's sweet and caring she can sometimes be obstinate.

And when she feels like that she doesn't want to put her hat on when I ask her to do it.

I hope you like her. You can find more photos of Mila at my blog  Mojelalkiwaldorfskie

Mila is looking for a new home, 
where she would meet her own Mom.

If you are interested in bringing Mila home, 
she will be available in my Etsy store in a few days.


  1. Fajne zdjęcia, ciekawy pomysł prezentacji lalki.


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