Friday, 5 July 2013

12. My Waldorf style dolls' photostream

On the way from  Wrocław, where I live, to the seaside I often stop for a short break in a village with a remarkable monastery.Platans near the main gate to Monastery Paradise (Paradyż).A view of the branches of the old platans stretching above my head when I look at them sipping coffee from the monastery cafe.Yesterday walk - a wonderful meadow with wild flowers in the nearby park.Mila in a blue-sky summer dress and a little kerchief.A bit tired. How nice it is to rest in the shade.
Oh, it is much better now.Having a rest and watching blue sky.The trees in the park.And here Mila's sunbathing and resting for a change.MilaMila on the beach.
Watching the seashells.Climbing the tree trunk.MilaMIla is waving bye-bye.Pomeranian BayA beach in Wisełka with cliffs shore
And after a while Ania and Mila are sitting together. They look happy."Hello, what's your name?...  I'm Mila.  And YOU?...."   asks Mila."Oops... What's this? Whose shoes are they?"What are they called?"But these flowers are so pretty! Surely, the spring has come..." - I can hear Mila.Anemones (Latin: Anemone sylvestris) among the trees.  (Łeba on the Baltic seashore)
Here you can see summary of my latest pics.

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