Wednesday, 10 July 2013

14. Different dolls

We have Puppets' Theatre in Wrocław. 
Before entering the theatre, you can admire a fountain with sculptures of dwarfs and birds, 
situated just in front of the building.

Wrocław puppet  theatre

 Curious Ania viewed the theatre programme. "Little Red Riding Hood " turned out to be most appealing to her. 
"But these dolls are something different", observed she.
Well, they are puppets, you know.

Close to the theatre there was Entrance to Old Town Gardens, 
referring to the 19th century Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen. 
This is a wonderful place for children to play around and have fun.

Entrance to Old Town Gardens in Wrocław
We walk through the entrance and come to the fountain with a statue of boy and swan. 
Water spurting from the fountain is illuminated by reflectors with changing light colour. 

Fountain with a statue of boy and swan
The view of the fountain is enchanting. 
We walk through the park to the children's playground.

Children's playground in Old Town Gardens in Wrocław
It is so nice here. 
We promise ourselves to come here again.Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.
Be with us.

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  1. I like your pictures, especially the one showing the surface of the playscapes. Ania seems very interesting in reading the programme! You had a nice walk :)

  2. Thank you Ola for visiting. Yes, it seems Anja likes puppets - a bit different from her dolls. She likes Little Red Riding Hood poster most. So maybe we will go and see this play when summer holidays end. It is obvious you like surfaces. (You're a designer!).


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