Thursday, 4 July 2013

11. A walk in the morning

A green creature, figurine, or even a green frog.

Yesterday morning the weather was pleasant. It was sunny and breezy. 
So we went outside walking. It was quite early and the beach looked like a desert. 
Usually it is overcrowded with people, but yesterday morning there were only we 
and few people far off. 

Mila started looking for colourful pebbles in the sand. 
Suddenly she stopped in front of the patch of the grass... there was something inside. 

What is it? See!  cried out Mila. 
Kind of green. A monsterlike,  she thought aloud. 
Does he like playing hide-and-seek?  Looks like... If he only knew how much I like it... 
Look, he's... coming out..."  

        I can see his paw!

The little stranger jumped, and suddenly he landed near Mila.

Yet another jump and he found himself next to Mila.
It's a bunny. He is green all over. A greeeen bunny, 
Mila clapped her hands.

Yes, quite so. I am all green. When I sit in the grass, you can hardly see me, answered little green critter.

Bunny wanted to add something, but all at once he disappeared.  
No, no...he did not. He only hid behind Mila... Funny and playful Bunny, all green... 
Bunny Bartuś.

 I do not need to say that soon he was sitting on Mila's lap. 
And this is how Mila met her little green friend -  brave Bunny Bartuś

Have a nice day! 
And remember little Bunny Bartuś.


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