Wednesday, 31 July 2013

16. In the countryside

I would like to present some shots from around Kamień Pamorski, 
a small town situated about 20 km off the sea. 

On our way from Wolin to Kamień Pomorski we spotted three storks' nests with storks, 
parents and their youth, inside. 
The three nests were located on electric line poles, near the houses, 
almost in the farmyard.

Storks' nest. A little stork inside.
Here the little stork is a bit disturbed. Maybe I came too nearer... I am withdrawing in a hurry.
Another nest with storks standing 

Below a picturesque lanscape with cows grazing on the meadow by the pond

Somewhere between Wolin and Kamień Pomorski

On Monday Anja started her big wee adventure - a journey to her new home. 
I will write more about it later this afternoon.

Have a nice day!


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