Wednesday, 2 April 2014

32. Helen's description

Helen - the doll for Hania - custom order.

Helen is a Waldorf inspired doll. She is about 14 inches tall. She was made from a special cotton jersey designed for dollmakers (swiss cotton with Oko-Tex label). It is firmly stuffed with clean, carded sheepswool, but soft enough for hugging.
Her head is sculptured in the traditional Waldorf style. Helen's simple facial features (eyes and lips) are embroidered with floss. In her face you can notice a tiny tip of the nose. For her medium-length hair I have chosen a light brown woolen mohair for hair.  It is a woolen yarn specially produced  for dollmakers in beautiful natural colours. It is certified with EN71-3 label, which means it can be safely used in doll making. I made her hair by applying strand by strand to the embroidered , with the same yarn, head. It is very strong. Her hairstyle can be easily changed, and it needs to be finger styled. From time to time you can comb her hair using a comb with rare teeth to make it more fluffy. Helen's hair is very natural, it looks like children's hair. Her face is delicately coloured with wax crayon. She has coloured cheeks and nose.

As she is made of sheepswool. Helen is soft, warm and nice to the touch. It is very pleasing to hold her and cuddle. She smells of home and gives her little friend a sense of security.

The doll has quite many clothes. I made them in accordance with Hania's Mom suggestions. It was my pleasure to cooperate with her. Thank you Ania.

Helen comes with the following outfit of clothing: cotton pants, light coloured cotton dress, dark blue cotton pinafore, two pairs of leggings (vanila and pink) made from cotton velvet, navy-blue wollen shoes, grey-blue woolen cardigan, woolen cap in the colour of the blue of the sea, grey woolen foxy scarf, pale green socks-bootees, pink cotton night dress and two red and grey woolen ribbons to tie her hair. Her clothes are mostly in blue shades, with beige and red accents.
The doll herself and all her clothes I made from natural materials such as cotton jersey, cotton, cotton velvet, sheepswool and many different kinds of wool.

Thank you for dropping by. Have a nice day!


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