Saturday, 5 April 2014

34. To sing like a nightingale

It is said that nightingale song is one of the most beautiful sounds in nature. 

Just listen...


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    1. Oh, thank you Annasoer for dropping in. Yes, indeed. Nightingale is a wonder. Each year when they start singing we all living in this place are a bit in a haze, because they sing day and night and people are a bit disturbed during the night.

  2. Missing it very much :) can't waint till May! Thank you, Mum :*

    1. Thank you Ola for stopping by. I am looking forward to May too. Maybe they will start their love song poetry earlier this year. I hope so.

  3. this is really wonderful. sings so sweetly.
    he sings at night?
    Wonderful! I felt within an Andersen tale.
    I love birds.
    Mainly hummingbirds

    1. Yes, it is wonderful. Nightingales usually sing at night, but the nightingales from our orchard sing day and night without a break for 3 weeks in May. Because they sing all the time we think there are more than just one male nightingale here. They sing only these three weeks and then after they build their nests and find females stay silent until next May. I hope they will start earlier this year, because spring came really quickly here. Maybe around Easter. That would be lovely.
      I couldn't believe I had about 700 entries to this video on my blog. Probably people liked the song of nightingale.
      Cheers, Eliane.


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