Monday, 16 June 2014

39. What is Marianne like?

If you visit my Etsy shop you will meet Marianne there. She is 17 inches tall.

MARIANNE is a lovely Waldorf girl-doll, a true doll with soul. She is ready to love 
and hoping she will find a home with someone to play with soon... 

She is waiting impatiently  for a new adventure in her little doll's life.

Look at my bow? It is such fun!
What is Marianne like? She is a gentle loving doll. 
She will be the best companion for a girl at the age of four or more.

You will find more stories about Marianne and plenty of her pictures in the previous posts - 
about the beginning of our acquaintance, then about her character and a long dress, and at last about where she came from

Or you may just click the label "doll Marianne" at the bottom of the blog .

Below "Marianne's description". 

Marianne is a Waldorf inspired doll. She is about 17 inches tall. She is made from a special smooth fair toned cotton jersey designed for dollmakers (swiss cotton with Oko-Tex label). She is firmly stuffed with clean, carded sheepswool, but soft enough for hugging. Her head is created in the traditional Waldorf style. Marianne's simple facial features are embroidered with floss. Her face is delicately coloured with wax crayon. She has coloured cheecks and nose. For her hair I have chosen several kinds of different woolen yarns, like mohair and boucle, of different thickness and colours. I made her hair by applying strand by strand to the embroidered head. It is very strong. Her hair can be changed, and it needs to be finger styled.
Because she is made of sheepswool, Marianne is soft, warm and nice to the touch. It is very pleasing to hold her and cuddle. She smells of home and gives her little friend a sense of security. 
MARIANNE comes with two complete outfits of clothing: 
Two pairs of underwear, long dress and petticoat, a nightdress, cardigan, bootees, pixie bonnet, shawl, blouse, trousers, bootees/socks, hair band to tie hair and ribbon. 
Her clothes are hand washable only! and laid flat to dry.

Marianne is suitable for children 4 years old +.

The doll herself and all her clothes are made from natural materials: her underwear, dress, petticoat, trousers and a nighgtdress from cotton; bootees, cardigan, shawl, hairband and ribbon from wool,

For more information about how to care about Marianne visit my blog ("Waldorf doll care tutorial" page).

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  1. Marianne is beautiful! Love her clothes!!
    xx Annasoer

    1. Thank you Annasoer. Such a lovely comment. You are very kind.


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